Introduction of Kufamume

Who we are ?

Kufamume Energy S.p.A is a large integrated energy company of Europe, was founded in milan, Italy in 1987, and business scope covers more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

The main business include the exploration, production, transformation, sales and distribution of oil and gas.

- Gas Filteration/Heat Exchange/Distribution

- Oil Exploration/Distribution/Petrochemical

- Engineering for Gas / Oil

Our Vision is that "Enable cleaner power made, Creating a greener energy future for all."

What we do ?

Exploration and Production

Kufamume has many professional technical personnel, more than 30 years of exploration experience, and had operated many oil and gas field projects...

Distribution and Pipeline

Kufamume specializes in exploration, filtration, separation, heat exchange, pressure regulation, metering, transmission, distribution and pipeline engineering of oil and natural gas...

Petrochemical Production

Kufamume owns a large petrochemical project enterprise in Europe and a number of joint-stock cooperative petrochemical enterprises overseas...

Fuel Filling Stations

Kufamume owns more than 50 fuel filling stations in Europe and also provides customers with services related to design and operation of fuel filling stations...