Sustainable development of the oil and gas industry

Accelerating scientific and technological progress

• Enhanced recovery techniques that allow for increased resource utilization.

• Improve transmission and distribution technology, improve pipeline and equipment utilization.

• Offshore oil and gas is a trend and a good choice.

• Improve petrochemical and natural gas chemical technology.

• Increase the technical content of petroleum products, so that energy can play a better role.

Save oil and gas consumption

According to enterprise's contribution to the state and society to use energy, rational utilization of energy, reduce energy losses and pollution as far as possible, strengthen energy recovery and secondary utilization, reduce energy consumption.

Pay attention to the utilization of many times of high quality energy and efficiency, and according to the optimization principle namely cost minimum principle are used to determine energy saving target.

Oil and gas succession strategy

Due to the conventional oil and gas resources exploitation cost is higher, pollution and emissions is bigger, so encourage to unconventional oil and gas resources to replace the conventional oil and gas resources, including natural gas hydrate, change the oil shale, oil sands, heavy oil, coal, etc., such not only can increase the energy supply, but also can reduce pollution emissions, reduce greenhouse gases.

Take the road of green petrochemical industry

Applying the principles of green chemistry in building energy and resource intensive chemical technology that can meet the needs of system, on the basis of adopting new technology, new equipment, new materials, through the formulation reasonable industrial policy and the technical route, the development of clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources, and to save the traditional energy resources, protect the environment and enhance the comprehensive benefit of industry.

Circular economy in the oil and gas industry

Circular economy is the abbreviation of material closed-loop flow economy, which is characterized by cascade of material and energy and closed-loop circulation. In terms of environment, it is characterized by low emission of pollution and zero emission of pollution, which is essentially an ecological economy. There are many petroleum products, many of which reach their useful life and can be recycled and generate value, reducing pollution and emissions.